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Flavorful Fresh Meats & Cold Cuts

Enjoy the succulent flavors of fresh meats for any meal when you order from Cow Palace Butcher Shop in Middle Island, New York. Our store serves a variety of options, including cold cuts and freezer packages.

Steak - Fresh Meats

Prime Meats

Whether you are looking for fresh sausage or a sirloin steak, our shop offers the perfect option for your
next meal. All of our meats are sliced fresh on the premises and can be cut to order. We offer a full
selection, including:

• Porterhouse Steaks
• Chicken Cutlets
• Sirloin Steak
• Cheese & Parsley Sausages
• Italian Sausages
• Chickens
• Roast Beef
• Country-Style Ribs
• Pork Chops
• Boneless Pork Chops
• Shell Steak
• Rib Steaks
• Beef Ribs
• Baby Back Ribs
• Pot Roast
• Ground Sirloin
• Meatloaf Mix
• Chicken Wings
• Chicken Breasts
• Chicken Leg Quarters
• Beef Stew Meat
• Turkey Breast
• Hot Dogs
• Store-Made Burgers
• Store-Made Chicken Burgers
• Flavored Chicken & Beef Burgers
• Flavored Chicken Sausage
• Flamingo Sausage

• Sage Sausage
• Smoked Ham Hocks
• Smoked Ham Shanks
• Smoked Turkey Wings
• Kielbasas
• Oxtail
* Marrow Bones
• Chitterlins
• Hog Maws
• Boneless Pork Roasts
• Stuffed Pork Roasts
• Stuffed Pork Chops
• Marinated Steaks
• Marinated Beef Sticks


Freezer Packages

Always have a meal ready to go when you stock your freezer with our meats. We feature 10 different packages of frozen options. All of your meats come wrapped and labeled.

Our packages range in price from $55.00 to $149.95. Some items can be substituted within your order.

Cold Cuts

Make the perfect sandwich when you use our freshly sliced cold cuts. We offer a full selection of Boar's Head® products, including:

• Ovengold® Turkey Breasts
• Honey-Glazed Turkey
• Black Pepper Turkey
• Cajun Turkey
• Classic Chicken Breasts
• Barbecue Chicken
• Buffalo Chicken Breast
• Bologna
• Genoa Salami
• Prosciutto
• Deluxe Ham
• Low-Sodium Ham
• Honey-Glazed Ham
• Virginia Ham
• Ham
• Ham Cappy
• Pepperoni
• Olive Loaf
• Hard Salami
• Muenster Cheese
• Swiss
• Baby Swiss
• Alpine Lace Swiss
• Imported Swiss
• Jalapeno Monterey Cheese
• Cheddar
• Gouda

Contact us to serve fresh meats and cold cuts for your next meal.